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Ryan R. Domengeaux

Attorney + The Triathlete

Don't confuse motion
and progress.

-Alfred Montapert

About Ryan

Ryan joined forces with Paul Gibson and Thomas Long in 2018 to begin the remarkable journey of creating a law, consulting and mediation practice unlike any other - one that seeks to ease the burdens of our clients by providing clarity instead of complexities. The vision is to offer guidance and solutions over platitudes and empty promises. A fierce negotiator and calculating strategist with the unmistakable southern charm that comes from being born and raised in Cajun Country, Ryan's determination for finding the best path to resolution for his clients is unmatched. To say that he is a force to be reckoned with is an understatement. Is this a benefit to our clients? Without question. Can it be slightly intimidating to the rest of us? We take the fifth.

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A graduate of Southern University Law Center and now a nationally recognized leader in the field of enterprise risk management, Ryan has over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors. He built industry-leading risk management programs from the ground up for a large municipal governmental entity and a national healthcare practice, mitigating the total cost of risk for these entities without sacrificing the integrity of each organization's mission. Where some might see a forest full of trees with no clear route to follow, Ryan has the uncanny ability to create a path clear to the other side. It may be straightforward or full of twists and turns, but he has the resourcefulness, resolve, and creativity to navigate through any challenge to offer his clients the best solutions moving forward.

And speaking of moving forward, that's in fact a great way to describe Ryan in his personal life. A true competitive spirit, he enjoys racing in triathlons and participated in the IRONMAN World Championship held in Hawaii in 2018 - didn't we mention determination and resolve earlier? Yeah, we weren't kidding. But even beyond pushing the limits of the human body, his greatest passion by far is his family - his wife Cheri and their two boys, Jacob and Zackary - who are also his biggest fans. Always moving forward, always with positive progress in mind...that's the kind of environment we embrace at Offering Solutions. We are always pushing the limits of what's been done, changing the conversation to what could be.

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