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Lynette Domengeaux

Administrator + The Ultramarathoner

Life shrinks or expands in proportion
to one's courage.

-Anaïs Nin

About Lynette

Lynette began working with Offering Solutions in early 1999, amassing vast legal experience and expertise over the years. Our clients recognize and appreciate what she brings to bear each day in our representation of them, as do we. From her tenacity for figuring out just the right solution to her unrivaled ability to think through every single detail of a project, she is the person you want on your team. We are so lucky to have her on ours. In fact, we believe she has somehow perfected the art of extending days beyond twenty-four hours. It is just inconceivable how much she can accomplish.

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When Lynette isn't burning the midnight oil at work, she enjoys spending time with her wife, Candy, and two grown children, Alex and Jillian. She is a lover of music, an avid traveler and an accomplished runner - both road and trail. Lynette has even completed a 100k mile ultramarathon (62 miles - wow!) and has plans to complete a 100-miler. Her attention to detail, commitment and enthusiasm are tremendous assets to our team, and therefore to our clients. Offering Solutions runs smoothly and operates successfully because of it.

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