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Estate Planning and Successions

Gibson Law Group ‘s estate planning and succession services include counseling in the creation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, estate taxes, trust and estate administration, successions and related litigation.

Estate Planning

Our estate plan team works hard to provide individualized attention to our clients in order to determine the most effective strategy for distribution of assets upon death. From simple wills to complex trusts, each estate plan is custom tailored to reflect our clients’ needs, goals and values. We assist clients with putting the proper protections in place to ensure that their wishes are carried out.


Gibson Law Group represents administrators, executors, beneficiaries, heirs and legatees through all phases of the succession process. Whether it is filing the proper court documents in a simple succession, guiding an executor through the administration process, or defending a legatee’s inheritance rights, our team takes a hands on approach to transferring assets from a decedent’s estate to the proper beneficiaries.