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Employment and Labor Law

Gibson Law Group represents a broad range of employers in private industry and government. The firm's employment law experience includes consulting and litigation on matters pertaining to wrongful termination, sexual harassment, gender and age discrimination, civil rights violations, whistle-blower claims, and wage and contract disputes. The firm proactively assists employers in avoiding litigation where possible, and in defending litigation where necessary.

We counsel clients regarding individual separations from employment, general reductions in force, legal issues related to workplace diversity, employment contracts and non-competition agreements, early retirement programs, development of employee manuals, wage-hour compliance, workers' compensation, substance abuse programs, drug testing and general employee relations matters.

Gibson Law Group represents employers in handling charges, investigations, and litigation arising under race, sex, sexual harassment, religion, national origin, age, handicap, disability, and veteran anti-discrimination and affirmative action laws and regulations. The firm also handles individual and class action claims and litigation before federal and state courts and administrative agencies, including those cases requiring analysis of complex statistical, demographic and personnel selection validation evidence.

We provide training and educational programs in all employment practice areas for senior management and for other supervisory personnel. These programs are specially tailored to be responsive to the needs of the particular employer, and may be conducted at the firm's facilities or on-site. Employers interested in consulting with the firm should contact Paul D. Gibson